For Sam and Ogechi it seems like it was just yesterday that they met at a Pharmaceutical Association conference. Sam was instantly attracted to her, but Ogechi didn’t think too much of their initial meeting. They had a brief conversation and then parted ways. As fate would have it they met again at another conference. Despite more than 20,000 people being in attendance, they somehow ended up running into each other three separate times. It was like fate was trying to telling them something. However, Ogechi still wasn’t convinced. Sam and Ogechi went with a group of friends to a club that night and while Sam tried his very best to spark her interest, Ogechi wouldn’t dance with him and politely ignored his other advances. Months later, Sam gets a random call from Ogechi requesting his help finding a place to live in Houston. As a he currently lived in Houston, he was more than willing to help. That initial conversation turned from residences in Houston to their favorite colors and hobbies. Soon they were texting every night for at least an hour. Sam was falling fast, and knew he wanted to make Ogechi his wife. “I remember calling my sisters and telling them “I think I’m in love” and “she is going my wife” which was greeting with the responses of “huh” and “who” because they knew how I was. I however dared not tell Ogechi how I felt though because after all, it just would have been weird. Rather I figured that I would show her through actions that my feelings were real for her. I would say she got the message.”

Sam’s proposal reflects their wedding theme: simple and elegant. After treating Ogechi to a manipedi, they went to dinner at the same restaurant they went to on their first anniversary. Outside the restaurant, Sam had created the perfect romantic moment. There was a beautiful rose petal walkway, and a single table decorated just for the couple. As they waited for their server, Sam requested they exchange anniversary gifts. Ogechi was just about to open hers when Sam began telling her how much he loved her and dropped to his knees. Once she confirmed their parents were aware, she said yes with no hesitation. Sam even had a friend of his recording the entire moment so they can look back on it for years and years.

“I could not have asked for a better person than the Sam that God has designed for me. I love how he loves me regardless of my faults and how he treats me like a Queen. Sam is also very selfless. I love that he is a highly motivated individual and a follower of Christ! He also places a strong importance on family, which I think is very important for me, especially coming from a large family, “ said Ogechi.

They have been happily together for over three years now and cannot wait to celebrate the union of their love in October. Their wedding will be an elevated take on simple and tradition by infusing it with elegant details.

” I want to start off by stating that Ogechi is one in a million. When is comes to just an all around amazing person, she is second to none. There are many reasons why I desire to marry Ogechi. She is a strong, intelligent woman that is focused on accomplishing both her personal and professional goals. This let me know that we can have thought provoking conversations on practically anything and she can continue to push me to be a better man. She also has a phenomenal relationship with God and a robust understanding of our Igbo culture and values. Considering that I think of myself as a traditionalist, knowing that I share my love for our Igbo heritage with my wife to be is huge for me. Lastly, Ogechi is a very respectful, supporting and loving person that is willing to give her last to comfort others. All this and more is why I want to marry her.”

These two were clearly meant to be and we are thrilled to be helping them create the perfect big day!