Happily Ever Hughes

Fairy tale endings are hard to come by when your name isn’t Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty, but Tamesha Chevis was lucky enough to find her own happy ending with her fiance Travis. Their love story started right when all love stories usually do, right when the heroine has almost given up hope on finding true love. After a series of failed relationships, and some suggestions from her girlfriends, Tamesha returned to her Plenty of Fish profile in hopes of finding the one. Unfortunately that didn’t work either. Relationship after relationship failed and Tamesha was beginning to wonder if she would ever meet a quality Christian man who shared her desire to wait until marriage. Last April, Tamesha had finally decided that her true love wasn’t out there, when she logged on to her profile to delete it and there was a message waiting for her. It was a month old and from a man named Travis Hughes. Something about the message called to her and in answering it she answered fate’s call.

The very first night they spoke on the phone, their conversation lasted two hours. Since then, their relationship has been a whirlwind of laughs, dates, long talks, adventurous trips and family outings culminating in their wedding on September 17th. They will be celebrating their love in front of their closest family and friends at The Heights villa in Houston, TX at a beautiful ceremony themed “Happily Ever After Hughes”.

Tamesha had this to say about her relationship :

“We have continued to inspire others with our modern-day love story. We are genuinely happy together and hope to speak to the hearts of those that have given up on love. Gently reminding them, “Your True Love is out there, go find them”.

The Proposal:

After working out, Travis and I grabbed lunch at Revival Market in the Heights. I got this great idea that we should also go to the Farmer’s Market. He agreed but when we finally located it, Travis told me he had work to do and dropped me off instead of coming along. I. Was. Annoyed.

Travis is my riding buddy. My partner in crime. My best friend. What kind of best friend doesn’t want to spend the afternoon selecting kale and sampling local fruits?? Anywho. I made my purchases and called an Uber to take me home. Upon arrival, Travis told me we would need to be out of the house by 4pm. Huh? For dinner?? Not wanting to ruin a good surprise, I decided to just get ready and not complain. But my hair was a sweaty mess from the workout. This was no task for me, especially with so little time to waste. I went to the local salon for a shampoo and style. Now normally the beauty shop would have a long wait on a Saturday, but as a walk in I was “in and out”. I’d like to think the stars just aligned on our special day…

We made it through traffic and pulled up at Bayou Bend Collection and Gardens. We had been meaning to check this place out so I was pleasantly surprised. Travis and I go hiking on all of our trips and often go for walks while in town. We walk around admiring the foliage and flowers. He quizzes me on the plants, I get most of them wrong, then he impresses me with his bank of vegetation knowledge. It’s our thing. But on that day he didn’t quiz me. We simply walked and talked, enjoying the beautiful weather.

On the walk back, we stopped on the bridge to notice a few turtles down below. After a few sweet remarks and love affirmations, Travis took to one knee. My eyes filled with tears of joy and I was nodding yes even before he finished asking me to marry him. As he stood up, I noticed our friends and family in the lot. First Ross, who was there capturing the moment. Then I noticed his wife, Alyssa, followed by my parents and off in the distance, my Maid of Honor Brit Calhoun approaching. By the time Giselle (Matron of Honor), her husband Joseph, and Whitney (Bridesmaid) arrived, it was a big love fest. Lots of warm embraces and pictures before we all headed to Brennan’s for some celebratory Cajun cuisine and libations at The Nightingale Room. Travis pulled off an incredible surprise proposal. I am still on Cloud 9 and tearing up, even as I write this. It was magical indeed… nothing short of a fairytale.