For Sam and Ogechi it seems like it was just yesterday that they met at a Pharmaceutical Association conference. Sam was instantly attracted to her, but Ogechi didn’t think too much of their initial meeting. They had a brief conversation and then parted ways. As fate would have it they met again at another conference. […]

Happily Ever Hughes

Fairy tale endings are hard to come by when your name isn’t Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty, but Tamesha Chevis was lucky enough to find her own happy ending with her fiance Travis. Their love story started right when all love stories usually do, right when the heroine has almost given up hope on finding true […]

Tinder Love

When talking to Jeremy and Nana you’d never guess that these two met on Tinder! While most of us use Tinder for simply “hooking up”, Jeremy and Nana did the impossible and instead of finding a quickie, found their soulmates. For Nana it was love at first sight. “He had these “kind eyes”. I could […]